Martin Luther Bund

The ‚Martin-Luther-Bund‘ is – according to Swiss law – an association with its registered office in Zurich. Its members are the churches in Basel, Bern, Vaduz FL, Zurich, the Swedish regional federation and more than 100 individuals. The general assembly is the decision-making body and the board the executive body.


President: Torsten Lüddecke
Contact via the registered office:
Registered Office: c/o Pfarramt ELKZ, Kurvenstrasse 39, 8006 Zürich
Tel. 044 361 2150


At the first meeting of the ‘Working Group of Evangelical-Lutheran Churches in Switzerland and Liechtenstein’ on 27 May 1967, it was suggested to set up a Martin-Luther-Bund (MLB) for Switzerland and Liechtenstein. On 3 September 1967 – in the presence of Rev. Walter Hirschmann, General Secretary of the Martin Luther Bund Erlangen – the ‘Martin-Luther-Bund in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein’ was founded. Member churches were the congregations in Basel, Zurich and Vaduz. In addition, the regional federation of Swedish Lutheran Churches in Switzerland joined on 15 May 1969 and on 11 March 1979 the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Bern were received as new members. Moreover, the MLB works together with the German-speaking congregation of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Geneva.


The mission of the MLB is to support Lutheran congregations in the Diaspora around the world who are in need of finances for the realization of diaconal projects as well as projects on a congregational level.

The MLB complements the aid for individual congregations where support is needed in general or to become more effective, and where there is a requirement for contributions to be coordinated so that the aid is distributed appropriately. Primarily, the MLB works together with the Central office of the Martin-Luther-Bund of Erlangen as well as the Lutheran World Federation.